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When I was on #vocalrest I still had to have a show or two of MIX IT UP. Here’s what it was like with Jon at EPCOT. Enjoy!!

Have a great day ya’ll!!


Frozen’s Anna & Elsa – Selfie Sunday

Here’s the selfie for today. Me with Princess Anna and Queen Elsa from Frozen ūüôā


Have a good night!!


I have been on #vocalrest since last Saturday Nov. 2 and all I must say is it has been an experience. ¬†I never have had to do this before and it is very frustrating. ¬†Sometimes I just want to open my mouth and communicate the way I always do but instead I have to write on a dry erase board. ¬†Definitely have a new respect for those who cannot speak. ¬†God bless you. ¬†I am very grateful though however that there are other ways for people who can’t speak or hear to communicate. ¬†Like sign language, etc…

I will be on #vocalrest until Tuesday so you won’t hear my voice as much til then. ¬†But of course I have my blog and I have two episodes of Mix It Up that have been filmed that I am gonna be working on to fill the space as well. ¬†One is from when I went home to Alabama and the other is an episode I filmed with my friend Jon while I have been on #vocalrest that is quite hysterical. ¬†So be on the lookout.

In the meantime here is the episode of MIX IT UP titled #VOCALREST which oddly enough since the two part debut of the show on YouTube has had the most views haha also the trailer for my trip home for Alabama in a special MIX IT UP