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Mother Hears Her Daughter’s Heartbeat Again – Random Video of the Week

Welcome back to my “Of the Week” blog series.  For this week’s random video I found a very heart warming and tear jerking story from Good Morning America

I have always been a supporter of organ donation and seeing stories like this make my passion even stronger.  This is a beautiful story that GMA covered about a mother who through the power of social media was able to hear her deceased daughter’s heartbeat again.

from faithit.com

Watch This Mom Listen to Her Daughter’s Heartbeat One Last Time.  It’s So Powerful It Left These News Anchors in Tears

Taylor died in a tragic ski accident at 13, but her heart was donated to save the life of a mother in Phoenix.  Watch as Taylor’s mom listens to her daughter’s heart for the last time.

Link to Video

For more info on Taylor’s Gift and to learn more about organ donation visit TaylorsGift.org


Random Video Of the Week

I thought I would continue with the Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence theme this week, b/c to me this is just another one of those videos that I laugh every time I watch it b/c it is so stinkin funny.

In this one, Mama is lettin Eunice have it.  There are two versions morphed into one and it is a riot!!


Random Video Of the Week

I have gotta say that I am absolutely obsessed with classic comedy.  Shows like “I Love Lucy” “The Facts of Life” “All In the Family” “Three’s Company” “Carol Burnett” and “Mama’s Family” are all what I consider classics.  Oh and “Cheers”  They are so amazing.  It is sitcoms that have been one of my biggest inspirations and goals for m acting career, because they are so much fun and you just have the opportunity to make people laugh which is so great.

So this week I am taking a blooper from one of the classic “The Family” skits on “The Carol Burnett Show”  These skits eventually turned into the spin-off “Mama’s Family” starring Vicki Lawrence.

This scene is a classic blooper that I could probably watch a million times and still laugh every single time.  Tim Conway will not allow the scene to continue until he finishes his story.  The punch line is delivered by none other than Vickie Lawrence which finishes out the entire thing!!

Just watch and be amazed!!

Random Video Of the Week

So I am not sure if I ever posted this as a video or not.  I don’t think that I did, so here it is.

This is the original teaser trailer for the new Tyler Perry movie, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself”

I can never not laugh when I watch this.



Random Video Of the Week

So I have been watching “So You Think You Can Dance” which I usually dont watch very often.  Mary Murphy is absolutely insane.  I found this video on YouTube of her from Season 5 and it made me laugh so hard, I had to show it to you!!


Random Video Of the Week

Here we go!! This the the Anjelah Johnson as Bon Qui Qui who is a flight attendant in this video.


Random Video Of the Week

This week’s Random Video Of the Week comes from the wonderfully funny Glozell

I hope that you all enjoy this as much as I did and still do!!!!

Glozell’s Website

Random Video Of the Week

One of the trailers for the new Harry Potter film.  I am going to see it tomorrow!!  So excited!!


Random Video Of the Week

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by!!

This week’s “Random Video Of the Week” comes via Tyler Hamway.  This video is called “Stalker” and it is pretty amazing so check out!!

Random Video Of the Week

returntoozcastcolor4This week, we are gonna have two videos in one post because the sequence is too long and takes up two videos.  If you couldn’t tell by now, I have a very large obsession with all things “OZ”  So I have decided that for this week’s Random Video Of the Week, we would use something from OZ.  Here are scenes from Disney’s “Return to Oz” when Dorothy saves the Emerald City and all of Oz from the Nome King.  It follows from when the Nome King attempts to kill them through Dorothy’s return back to Kansas.  I attempted to find just the coronation scene when Dorothy returns to the Emerald City, but I couldn’t find it.  So here we have all of it in one.  That is better though anyways isn’t it.  How many of you have ever seen Disney’s “Return to Oz”?  If so what are your thoughts?  I would love to hear from feedback.