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Song/Music Video Of the Week

Live Like We’re Dying – Kris Allen




So I am so thrilled that it is finally November.  I think that October, November and December are my top three favorite months in the year.  They are my favorite for several reasons.  Probably three.  I love the look of the world, in October and November we have those “colors of fall” which are so gorgeous.  Then the look of Christmas is part of this but we will wait until December to talk about all that.

The second probably is how the weather is starting to turn colder and it is all just wonderful to me.

Then of course the three big holidays.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  One in each month that brings family and friends together to spend time and just flat out have a good time.

I think that the season of Fall is always VERY significant to me.  It is the time of the year where to me you see the most change in the world as far as environment, for some a new school year where things are different.  Better movies are always out this time of the year getting ready for the Oscars.  I always seem to go through the most changes in life of the year during the fall months.  ESPECIALLY this year.  So much had changed and is different now than it was just a couple of months ago in the summer.

I love that line in the Jordin Sparks song “No Parade” that says, “Changes come but where they go you never know”  It is so true.  I would have never thought just two months ago that I would be where I am now.  It is such a perfect example of how things can change so fast in the blink of an eye.

But I think that it is all about how you take the change.  What I always try to do and what I encourage others to do is to always move forward.  We don’t have a very long time here before it is all over.  So by God make the most of it.  Live each day like it was your last one because you never know when that will be.

So in the words of the new Carrie Underwood song that was released on her album today – PLAY ON!!!!

That’s my thoughts for today!!

Everyone have a great rest of the week!!

Tomorrow is HUMP day!! haha