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MIX IT UP is the name of my new YouTube Series.  It replaces my last series Gray In Oz The Video Blogs.  It is a combination of all of the shows that I used to do on my blog.  I decided instead of making several different shows I could through them all into one.  Every episode is a little bit different.  Topics vary.  It’s a lot of fun and I would love for you to join in.  Here is a playlist of all the videos from Season One so far.  Check it out and lemme know what you think 🙂


Song/Music Video Of the Week

Live Like We’re Dying – Kris Allen


Coming Together

I think that I may have briefly mentioned that when I was at school I was a Musical Theatre major.  I had just changed over to that from Music Business in July.  I was in what was my first show at school called “Songs of Hope” It was a musical revue that our director had put together.  My role was that of a 21 year old punk rocker who had just found out that his wife of only one year was pregnant.  The song I sang as that character was called “Fatherhood Blues”  It was great.

I also had a solo in a song called “Coming Together” by Jason Robert Brown that was the closing number of the show.  I shared the male solo with my best friend Steven.  I was so excited when I was given this solo, because I have known and loved this song for years and I have always wanted to have the opportunity to perform it because it meant so much to me and I related to it personally on so many levels as did most of us in the show.  So I was PUMPED when I was given the opportunity to share it with m best friend.

Unfortunately circumstances came about that caused me to have to leave school and leave the show.  So I never got the chance to sing the song for a live audience, but I recorded a little clip the other day singing my solo part as well as a little of the chorus that Steven sang.  Since I never got to sing it I thought I would at least share it with the internet community and see what you guys think!!

So here it is!!

Random Video Of the Week

So I am not sure if I ever posted this as a video or not.  I don’t think that I did, so here it is.

This is the original teaser trailer for the new Tyler Perry movie, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself”

I can never not laugh when I watch this.



Gray In Oz – The Information

GrayInOzTestLogoOk so I am really starting to love video blogging!! It is seriously slowly becoming an obsession. I know that I don’t really “blog” a lot, but I can’t find much to blog about most of the time. Although when something significant happens, I usually will blog about it and post a photo or two.


I taped this today talking about all of the places you can find me on the web. Also all websites and links related to “Gray In Oz” It is going to be a segment on the debut episode of TAKE A BOW which will be posted next week here at “Gray In Oz”

I am super excited!!


Caleb :):)

Today In Oz – July 8, 2009

Hey everybody, thanks for stopping by!!

This is the debut episode of my series “Today In Oz” It is a recreation of the old show “Caleb’s Topics” which was a VERY short-lived series on my old blog “Just A Ride”

Check it out and leave me some feedback!!

See ya later!!

TAKE A BOW – Season Two

TAKE A BOW is coming back for a second season in July!!

TAKE A BOW LogoTAKE A BOW is an endeavor that I embarked on back in May of 2008. I have always wished that I could have my own variety/talk show. I thought about it and I was like, I CAN have one. I can film it myself and post it online and hopefully people will watch. So I debuted my first episode on Monday May 26, 2008 on my old blog “Just A Ride” In all I taped 8 full episodes. They consisted of 6 full episodes, a Fourth of July special and 2 blooper shows. The Season Finale was a compilation of ALL the bloopers from Season One. It is quite funny if I say so myself haha. Then school started again and I had to go on break. I made several attempts throughout the break to do some special episodes for Halloween, Christmas and a New Year’s trip that I took to Nashville, but they ended up ultimately never working out because of time constraints.

But now it summer again. And it is time for a second season. I was going to start it in May and then take a break during my surgery and then come back, but prep for the surgery throughout the month of May prevented that from happening. So now throughout my jaw surgery recovery I am getting material together to begin Season Two in July. I am really excited and hopefully will have lots to talk about and some fun guests throughout the season. Right now I am scheduled to only upload one episode a week, but I hopefully will be able to squeeze in two, because I am changing the format somewhat.

Season One episodes were always about 15 minutes long. This brought me problems because I wasn’t able to upload them to YouTube. The only site that would upload videos that long was DailyMotion. So for season two I am going to try to keep the episodes within a ten minute window so that I can upload them to YouTube so that they can be seen my more people. Season One averaged about 200 viewers I think based on the view counts on the videos. So that isn’t too bad. But I hope to get more this season.

But anyways, that’s it for now. If you have any questions about the show or know of anything you would like to see from me on the show, please email me at takeabowshow@gmail.com and let me know. Also you can catch up on Season One here

I will leave you with the promo for Season Two featuring some of my fav clips from Season One.


The Adventures Begin

Hello and welcome to Gray In Oz – The Adventures of a Guy in a Big Strange Place!!

I am so excited to finally have this new blog and this new location here on WordPress.

This new opening is a result of a move from my old blog “Just A Ride” over on Blogger.

This change came about over a bit of thinking. I know it is not a life decision, but because I had put so much of myself into “Just A Ride” I was really unsure whether or not I wanted to make a change to a new format, a new title, and new content. After spending some good amount of time away from “Just A Ride” because of so much happening in my life, I decided that now that I was able to come back, I should make a change. So the result is “Gray In Oz”

Origin of the Title

With this new change I decided that I wanted to have a more creative and catchy title similar to that of a book.  My favorite series is and will always be the “OZ” books by L. Frank Baum.  I have loved anything OZ since I was a kid and will always have a passion for it.  I have felt a lot lately that my life is almost like that of one that travels to that strange and adventurous place.  Today’s world can be fun, magical, scary, crazy, adventurous, and everything that is OZ.  One of m best friends, Danielle has always called me Gray as a nickname.  It is something that I have really taken to and wish that more people would call me, but that is another subject.  Anyways, so I was like this world is a big strange place like OZ and I love the thought of “Gray.”  So came about “Gray In Oz – The Adventures of a Guy in Big Strange Place.”

The WordPress Move

You may ask, “why did you decide to change format from Blogger?”  I personally loved Blogger when I was over there with “Just A Ride” but I decided to change and here is why.  I am currently entering into a new chapter of m life with a lot of changes going on.  In August I will be starting my fourth year of college.  I will no longer be traveling with the group IMPACT there that I have been with for two years.  I am starting a new Music Business emphasis with my degree, and I recently just had jaw surgery to correct my under-bite, so I will be returning to Mobile with a new mouth too.  I could also mention that my brother is getting married in a week, but that is only slightly related to me.  So with all of that going on I thought that it would be fun to move from Blogger to here on WordPress which a couple of my friends have done, and have been happy with it.  I too am thus far.

The Content

I personally believe that a blog should be more than just daily rambling and journal-like entries.  I am a musician and artist.  I love music, theatre, photography, and almost anything related to the entertainment industry.  So I use my blog almost like a television station and an outlet for myself to try share my interests and talents.  I will be bringing two elements from “Just A Ride” here to “Gray in Oz.”  The first one is my “…Of the Week” series.  On the old I posted four times a week.  There was a photo, a song, a music video, and a random video.  One was posted on four different days throughout the week.  I am going to change it up a little bit from the way I used to do it.  I am going to merge the song and music video and let that be one so that I am not taking up too many days.  This way there will be room for new content.  I will also be bringing my show “TAKE A BOW” for a second season beginning in July.  This is a variety show that I do and it appears on the blog during the summer when I have time to do it.  It features me talking about all the hot topics in music, movies, and television during the summer months.  I also occasionally have special guest friends and celebrities that join me.  Last year I had Danielle Ussery, Melissa Greene(formerly of Avalon), and Jamie Sharpe from Rush of Fools.  Who knows who we will have this summer.  I would have already begun it but I have got to wait til my jaw heals a little further so that I can talk better.  In addition to these two things I will also be starting a new show called “Today In Oz.”  On “Just A Ride” I had a short lived series similar to this called “Caleb’s Topics” but I decided that now I wanted to change it up a little bit and make a more creative name.  Every few days I will talk about some of the hot topics in the news.  I like to keep up with what is going on in the world.  So “Today In Oz” will feature me sharing some current news topics every few days and giving my opinion on them.  In addition to these three things I will also blog about my life and other varied topics that interest me.  Be checking back on the Schedule page to find out what days things will be posted.  I am going to try to do better with keeping up with everything this time.  I didn’t do well on “Just A Ride.”

I will be building and adding something new as much as possible over the next few weeks.  So bare with me as I get everything worked out.  Also I spent almost three years over at “Just A Ride” so if you want a little preview of what is to come go over there and check it out.  Here is a link

So again welcome to “Gray In Oz”!!  I think it is going to be a fun journey, and I hope that you will come along on it with me.

Many Blessings!!

Caleb 🙂 🙂