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I have been on #vocalrest since last Saturday Nov. 2 and all I must say is it has been an experience.  I never have had to do this before and it is very frustrating.  Sometimes I just want to open my mouth and communicate the way I always do but instead I have to write on a dry erase board.  Definitely have a new respect for those who cannot speak.  God bless you.  I am very grateful though however that there are other ways for people who can’t speak or hear to communicate.  Like sign language, etc…

I will be on #vocalrest until Tuesday so you won’t hear my voice as much til then.  But of course I have my blog and I have two episodes of Mix It Up that have been filmed that I am gonna be working on to fill the space as well.  One is from when I went home to Alabama and the other is an episode I filmed with my friend Jon while I have been on #vocalrest that is quite hysterical.  So be on the lookout.

In the meantime here is the episode of MIX IT UP titled #VOCALREST which oddly enough since the two part debut of the show on YouTube has had the most views haha also the trailer for my trip home for Alabama in a special MIX IT UP



The Oasis Hotel – A Signature Win

I had to take just a moment to tell you about my new job which I absolutely LOVE!!!!

I am working at the new Oasis Hotel at Victoryland.  It is a brand new 300 room luxury hotel that is totally worth your time and money!!!!  I still drop my mouth open every time I walk in the place it is absolutely amazing!!

I am working as a front desk agent and concierge and loving every second of it.  Never would I have thought that I would have so much fun working in a hotel.  I’ve learned just in a couple of weeks how much I really enjoy serving people and being a part of the hospitality industry.  It is very rewarding.  It always feels so great when you make a customer happy and they leave satisfied.

There isn’t much else that I can think of to say at this time.  All of the people that I work with are just incredible and we all get along so w

ell.  It is seriously like one big happy family that I feel so blessed to be apart of.


I will leave with some photos of the hotel!!

Today and tomorrow is our Grand Opening celebration and it is going to be awesome!!

We are having The Temptations and Randy Owen from the country band Alab

ama!!  It’s gonna be amazing!!

Coming Together

I think that I may have briefly mentioned that when I was at school I was a Musical Theatre major.  I had just changed over to that from Music Business in July.  I was in what was my first show at school called “Songs of Hope” It was a musical revue that our director had put together.  My role was that of a 21 year old punk rocker who had just found out that his wife of only one year was pregnant.  The song I sang as that character was called “Fatherhood Blues”  It was great.

I also had a solo in a song called “Coming Together” by Jason Robert Brown that was the closing number of the show.  I shared the male solo with my best friend Steven.  I was so excited when I was given this solo, because I have known and loved this song for years and I have always wanted to have the opportunity to perform it because it meant so much to me and I related to it personally on so many levels as did most of us in the show.  So I was PUMPED when I was given the opportunity to share it with m best friend.

Unfortunately circumstances came about that caused me to have to leave school and leave the show.  So I never got the chance to sing the song for a live audience, but I recorded a little clip the other day singing my solo part as well as a little of the chorus that Steven sang.  Since I never got to sing it I thought I would at least share it with the internet community and see what you guys think!!

So here it is!!

Photo Of the Week

So I am currently working at The Oasis Hotel in Victoryland.  It is such a gorgeous place.  I am still taken back sometimes speechless every time I go to work.

This week’s Photo Of the Week comes from inside the hotel.  When you stand in the center of the lobby and look up, this is what you see.

Isn’t it neato? – Yes I just said “neato” haha

Have a great day all!!


Photo Of the Week

This week’s Photo Of the Week is from this past weekend when I went to Mobile to see the show Songs of Hope that I was supposed to be in and had to step out of a few weeks ago.  It was so amazing.  Afterwards I went out to Steak N’ Shake with some of the cast.  My AMAZING friends!!!!  Some people can’t see their whole face, but it is still a fun picture that i LOVE!!!!



An Evening With Selah & Avalon

selahavalonThis past Saturday I had the opportunity to experience the opening night of “An Evening With Selah & Avalon” presented by WorldVision.  It was an incredible experience musically, and spiritually.  And I was just flat out entertained!!  It was a great show all around.

The coolest thing was that it was a last minute addition to the tour and the concert took place at this tiny church in Mobile, AL.  The crowd was absolutely insane!!!!  I thought that it was neat how well the two artists who are similar in the fact that they are both vocal groups but different because the musical styles are different.  Selah is very subdues and more traditional where Avalon is beginning to dip in to the alternative pop/rock side of the spectrum.  Even so the groups meshed so well and the show was a MUST SEE!!!!

Here is the run down of what happened.

WorldVision video of Avalon’s trip rolled at the beginning.  Next Avalon came out with Selah and they did a song together.  Selah did their first set, then Avalon stepped out and did both of their sets back to back with an intermission in between and Selah closed the show.  The crowd was so crazy they came back out and did two encores together before ending with “I Love You Lord” with the whole audience.

It was CRAZY!!!!


Here is a list of the songs done.

New Day (Avalon & Selah)
Undeniably You
In Christ Alone
Can’t Live A Day
Take You At Your Word/Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door/Wonder Why

(Request Time)
Here they only did snippets of each song which were…

Everything to Me
For the Sake of the Call
Light A Candle
(Leave it to someone in Alabama to request a Christmas song in September haha)

Total Praise
You Raise Me Up (Selah & Avalon)
Testify to Love (Avalon & Selah)

As far as Selah’s two sets, I didn’t write them all down so I will do my best to remember what all they did

There Is Power In the Blood
Wonderful, Merciful, Saviour
Press On
It Is Well
God Bless the Broken Road
Through It All
Wayfaring Stranger
(They may have done more than this, but these are the only ones that I can remember)

Here are a couple of photos with everyone.  Somehow I ended up not getting a photo with Janna.

IMG_7565Me with Selah
IMG_7567Jeremi and I
IMG_7568Greg, Me, & Amy
IMG_7570Greg and I bein dumb

And now, to end the post, here is a video montage of some pictures and clips that I took at the concert.  I apologize for the low audio quality, but it was REALLY loud in there and I had my camera on the wrong setting, but it will still give you a good taste of what happened.  It was AMAZING!!!!

Today In Oz – September 24, 2009

In today’s episode we talked about all the amazing television that I experienced last night.  Although I don’t do the best job of explaining it all.  I wasn’t able to make my outline and read my cards the way I usually would so, that’s why it’s not the best haha – and I was driving lol – next week will be better :):)

But until then, enjoy :):)

Song/Music Video Of the Week

This week’s Song/Music Video is from Northland Church in Orlando.  I have some friends interning there this summer and they get opportunities to co-lead worship with the worship team there!!  Jeremi Richardson from Avalon is worship leader there when he is not on the road.  This is a recent video from when he was there.  My friends Danielle and Katie are on either side of him singing.  Katie is to his right in black, and Danielle is to his left in blue.  It is soooo cool to see them singing with him, but I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!


Serious Sunburn!!


Some of my friends were in town this weekend to celebrate mine and my friend Katie’s birthday.

Hers in on Monday, and mine is next Monday July 20. Well they stayed at my house and we had an awesome time.

We decided to go to the beach today and it was a blast with many last experiences that can only happen when we are all together. I love it!!!! Well here is the end result of one of those experiences!!

Pretty crazy!!

This is a video of me talking about my sunburn along with pics following.

Check out!!

burn2The gross burnt face haha
burn3Chest still white and red face?? What?!?!
feet burnOne red foot, one white foot?  What the heck?!?!


New Oz LayoutI KNOW that I have only had “Gray In Oz” open for less than a month, but I decided that it was time for a new look for summer.

I live in Alabama and it is HOT here.  The highs everyday for the past few weeks have been close to 100 and it is sometimes almost unbearable.  Last week at my brother’s wedding (which was outside) we all got way too hot and almost got sick.  But luckily the ceremony wasn’t too long and we went inside where it was cool.

Anyways as a result of it being such a HOT summer, I decided that the look of the blog should have more of a summer look.  This is a WordPress layout, because I will never be able to make my own.  It is called “Sunburn”  What better choice?

Everything is pretty much the same with the exception of the menu.  This layout didn’t have a set menu on the top of the page like the previous one did.  So what I did was add a widget in the top right corner of the page.  here you can find all of the various pages that are part of the site.

I hope that everyone enjoys the new look.

Now I realize that unless you have watched my TAKE A BOW archive, or visited my Facebook, then some of you unless you know me have no idea what I look like.  There is a good reason for this.  haha  When I opened “Gray In Oz” it was right after I had had major surgery on my jaw.  I didn’t really want to post a pic of the “old” me because since this was a new thing, I wanted to be able to post the “new” me.  Now that it has been a little over three weeks since the surgery, and my swelling and stuff has gone down a lot, I have decided it is time to share a new photo that was taken earlier this week.  So here is it is.

The "New" Me

In the coming days I hope to finish my blog about the surgery and post some before AND after photos, so that you can see the adventure that I have been through with this operation.  It has definitely been an experience to remember, and it is still not over.

Enjoy the new look, and I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!