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Happy Memorial Day 2014

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!

I hope that all of you will enjoy your festivities today and take the time to remember all of our United States men and women who have risked their lives in service so that we can remain free.

So if anyone has wondered where we’ve been here’s the story. My mom and my little nephew came into Orlando last weekend to stay and visit for two weeks. The original plan was that I would still be doing some things here and there but Mix It Up was gonna be on a short hiatus. Then this past Thursday night all three of us were in a car accident. My mama has very sore back, neck, and chest. As well as a cut place on her knee and some other little things. I have had some pretty bad soreness in my back and neck which has put me out of work until I can get in to my doctor on Tuesday to be checked out better. Praying that nothing serious has happened so I can go back to work very soon!!

So in the mean time we will be on a hiatus until everything gets back to normal. In the mean time I will be posting some photos from my favorite part of the summer Star Wars Weekends!! Which began last weekend at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!! I was able to attend all three days of the first weekend and it was fabulous!!
Be in prayer for us and stay tuned for new stuff to begin again next week!!

Caleb :):)



Happy Thanksgiving

Have a great day everybody!! Count your blessings and remember to tell people who and what your thankful for!!

Return to Alabama – MIX IT UP

Here’s a look at my return home back in October!! Enjoy!! 🙂


The month of December is probably my absolute favorite month of the entire year.  It is one of the most eventful months for me every year.  There is always soooooo much stuff going on, and so much to do, and I love every minute of it!!

There are several holidays that are celebrated around this time of the year, but for me the holiday is Christmas!!!!  It is my favorite holiday and I am always in the Christmas mood pretty much from the second Thanksgiving is over.

I love all of the Christmas decorations that you see everywhere.  And all of the Christmas music.  I NEVER get tired of it.  There are so many parties to go to, and friends and family to be around.  It is just a joyful and happy time of the year.

I am a little down this Christmas though b/c I am not going to be able to put up all of my Christmas decorations in my room like I always do.  The reason for this being that when I moved home from Mobile I had a whole bunch of stuff that I had to bring in and it is all over my room, so there is no room for my Christmas tree or anything.  It is also going to be the first Christmas since my grandmother passed away in September.  So it will be a little bit tougher than usual, but there is still so much to be happy and thankful for this Christmas.

The MOST EXCITING thing about this Christmas is I am going to NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!

I have dreamed and wanted to go to New York since I was in 8th grade.  And in 8 years I have never been able to go or had an opportunity.  But now I am finally getting to go.  I actually leave a week from today on the 11th and will return on the 21st.  I will give more details about this later in another post.

I once again have been away from the blog for a few days.  I have missed my “…Of the Week” blogs and all kinds of stuff in the past couple of weeks.  Things have been crazy in and out of the hotel.  I got part of my braces off, and I get the rest of them of on this coming Monday.  I will DEF blog about it when I get home!!

December is also a time to look back and reflect on everything that has happened over the year and in my opinion the last chance to make that year count.

2009 hasn’t been the brightest one on the Caleb Graham highlight reel, but this month is going to make up for all of that!!

Have a wonderful December!!!!

PS I also picked a new layout for the season!!  Lemme know if you like it!!

The Oasis Hotel – A Signature Win

I had to take just a moment to tell you about my new job which I absolutely LOVE!!!!

I am working at the new Oasis Hotel at Victoryland.  It is a brand new 300 room luxury hotel that is totally worth your time and money!!!!  I still drop my mouth open every time I walk in the place it is absolutely amazing!!

I am working as a front desk agent and concierge and loving every second of it.  Never would I have thought that I would have so much fun working in a hotel.  I’ve learned just in a couple of weeks how much I really enjoy serving people and being a part of the hospitality industry.  It is very rewarding.  It always feels so great when you make a customer happy and they leave satisfied.

There isn’t much else that I can think of to say at this time.  All of the people that I work with are just incredible and we all get along so w

ell.  It is seriously like one big happy family that I feel so blessed to be apart of.


I will leave with some photos of the hotel!!

Today and tomorrow is our Grand Opening celebration and it is going to be awesome!!

We are having The Temptations and Randy Owen from the country band Alab

ama!!  It’s gonna be amazing!!

Photo Of the Week

So I am currently working at The Oasis Hotel in Victoryland.  It is such a gorgeous place.  I am still taken back sometimes speechless every time I go to work.

This week’s Photo Of the Week comes from inside the hotel.  When you stand in the center of the lobby and look up, this is what you see.

Isn’t it neato? – Yes I just said “neato” haha

Have a great day all!!