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Social Media Careers

Who would have ever thought that when you first created your Xanga blog, had Myspace, started your Facebook account, or Tweeted for the first time that one day there would be career opportunities within social media?? I know I didn’t.
My recent decision to get back in school has got me thinking about social media and digital technology in a whole new way.
Social media has expanded in to such a vast spectrum. It is no longer just used as a past time, for fun, or to communicate with friends and family. While those are mainstays, the world of social media has grown in to a vast empire that early developers most likely never even dreamed of.
Businesses are now hiring specialists in the area of social media. They are using it to build their business. It’s basically like free advertising.
For example say you’re a popular boutique and you wanna let people know you’re having an exclusive sale starting tomorrow. You could tweet about it and in 30 seconds millions of people can know.
People that get hired for these positions kinda have to think on their feet and be clever. Whether it be a blog, a video, a tweet, or a Facebook post you kind of need to know a little bit about all of the different platform and what audiences use which one the most.
Some people spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos. Some people like to read Twitter feeds. Some people search the blogosphere for good articles. Some people look for new things to “like” on Facebook. Beyond that there are so many other social media platforms like one of my favorites Instagram that are growing and growing.
I like learning about all of these. So I am looking at specializing in the area of social media when I head back to school this fall. I love the idea of being apart of something that ever changing and growing daily.
New social media platforms gain popularity now overnight through the use of smartphone apps. People find the ones they like and then tell their friends and it gets bigger and bigger.

What an exciting world!!

Social media has given the world a voice that they have never had to be able to communicate in seconds to people all across the globe. Now you can have it as a career. I think it is such a great area to be apart of for professional career goals.

Would you hire me for social media??
What are your thoughts on this empire of social media that is continuing to grow.
Which platform is your favorite?

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Let me hear from you!!

See ya later!!
Caleb 🙂


Random Video Of the Week

I thought I would continue with the Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence theme this week, b/c to me this is just another one of those videos that I laugh every time I watch it b/c it is so stinkin funny.

In this one, Mama is lettin Eunice have it.  There are two versions morphed into one and it is a riot!!


Random Video Of the Week

I have gotta say that I am absolutely obsessed with classic comedy.  Shows like “I Love Lucy” “The Facts of Life” “All In the Family” “Three’s Company” “Carol Burnett” and “Mama’s Family” are all what I consider classics.  Oh and “Cheers”  They are so amazing.  It is sitcoms that have been one of my biggest inspirations and goals for m acting career, because they are so much fun and you just have the opportunity to make people laugh which is so great.

So this week I am taking a blooper from one of the classic “The Family” skits on “The Carol Burnett Show”  These skits eventually turned into the spin-off “Mama’s Family” starring Vicki Lawrence.

This scene is a classic blooper that I could probably watch a million times and still laugh every single time.  Tim Conway will not allow the scene to continue until he finishes his story.  The punch line is delivered by none other than Vickie Lawrence which finishes out the entire thing!!

Just watch and be amazed!!

Today In Oz – October 14, 2009

Here is a new “Today In Oz”


Random Video Of the Week

So I have been watching “So You Think You Can Dance” which I usually dont watch very often.  Mary Murphy is absolutely insane.  I found this video on YouTube of her from Season 5 and it made me laugh so hard, I had to show it to you!!


An Evening With Selah & Avalon

selahavalonThis past Saturday I had the opportunity to experience the opening night of “An Evening With Selah & Avalon” presented by WorldVision.  It was an incredible experience musically, and spiritually.  And I was just flat out entertained!!  It was a great show all around.

The coolest thing was that it was a last minute addition to the tour and the concert took place at this tiny church in Mobile, AL.  The crowd was absolutely insane!!!!  I thought that it was neat how well the two artists who are similar in the fact that they are both vocal groups but different because the musical styles are different.  Selah is very subdues and more traditional where Avalon is beginning to dip in to the alternative pop/rock side of the spectrum.  Even so the groups meshed so well and the show was a MUST SEE!!!!

Here is the run down of what happened.

WorldVision video of Avalon’s trip rolled at the beginning.  Next Avalon came out with Selah and they did a song together.  Selah did their first set, then Avalon stepped out and did both of their sets back to back with an intermission in between and Selah closed the show.  The crowd was so crazy they came back out and did two encores together before ending with “I Love You Lord” with the whole audience.

It was CRAZY!!!!


Here is a list of the songs done.

New Day (Avalon & Selah)
Undeniably You
In Christ Alone
Can’t Live A Day
Take You At Your Word/Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door/Wonder Why

(Request Time)
Here they only did snippets of each song which were…

Everything to Me
For the Sake of the Call
Light A Candle
(Leave it to someone in Alabama to request a Christmas song in September haha)

Total Praise
You Raise Me Up (Selah & Avalon)
Testify to Love (Avalon & Selah)

As far as Selah’s two sets, I didn’t write them all down so I will do my best to remember what all they did

There Is Power In the Blood
Wonderful, Merciful, Saviour
Press On
It Is Well
God Bless the Broken Road
Through It All
Wayfaring Stranger
(They may have done more than this, but these are the only ones that I can remember)

Here are a couple of photos with everyone.  Somehow I ended up not getting a photo with Janna.

IMG_7565Me with Selah
IMG_7567Jeremi and I
IMG_7568Greg, Me, & Amy
IMG_7570Greg and I bein dumb

And now, to end the post, here is a video montage of some pictures and clips that I took at the concert.  I apologize for the low audio quality, but it was REALLY loud in there and I had my camera on the wrong setting, but it will still give you a good taste of what happened.  It was AMAZING!!!!

Song/Music Video Of the Week

This week’s song is Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone”

This song has a lot of significance for me recently.

Here is a performance she did on David Letterman.  LOVE IT!!


Today In Oz – September 24, 2009

In today’s episode we talked about all the amazing television that I experienced last night.  Although I don’t do the best job of explaining it all.  I wasn’t able to make my outline and read my cards the way I usually would so, that’s why it’s not the best haha – and I was driving lol – next week will be better :):)

But until then, enjoy :):)

Random Video Of the Week

This week’s Random Video Of the Week comes from the wonderfully funny Glozell

I hope that you all enjoy this as much as I did and still do!!!!

Glozell’s Website

Today In Oz – September 23, 2009

I decided I needed a new episode, so here we go!!!!  Enjoy!!