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Happy Memorial Day 2014

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!

I hope that all of you will enjoy your festivities today and take the time to remember all of our United States men and women who have risked their lives in service so that we can remain free.

So if anyone has wondered where we’ve been here’s the story. My mom and my little nephew came into Orlando last weekend to stay and visit for two weeks. The original plan was that I would still be doing some things here and there but Mix It Up was gonna be on a short hiatus. Then this past Thursday night all three of us were in a car accident. My mama has very sore back, neck, and chest. As well as a cut place on her knee and some other little things. I have had some pretty bad soreness in my back and neck which has put me out of work until I can get in to my doctor on Tuesday to be checked out better. Praying that nothing serious has happened so I can go back to work very soon!!

So in the mean time we will be on a hiatus until everything gets back to normal. In the mean time I will be posting some photos from my favorite part of the summer Star Wars Weekends!! Which began last weekend at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!! I was able to attend all three days of the first weekend and it was fabulous!!
Be in prayer for us and stay tuned for new stuff to begin again next week!!

Caleb :):)




I have been on #vocalrest since last Saturday Nov. 2 and all I must say is it has been an experience.  I never have had to do this before and it is very frustrating.  Sometimes I just want to open my mouth and communicate the way I always do but instead I have to write on a dry erase board.  Definitely have a new respect for those who cannot speak.  God bless you.  I am very grateful though however that there are other ways for people who can’t speak or hear to communicate.  Like sign language, etc…

I will be on #vocalrest until Tuesday so you won’t hear my voice as much til then.  But of course I have my blog and I have two episodes of Mix It Up that have been filmed that I am gonna be working on to fill the space as well.  One is from when I went home to Alabama and the other is an episode I filmed with my friend Jon while I have been on #vocalrest that is quite hysterical.  So be on the lookout.

In the meantime here is the episode of MIX IT UP titled #VOCALREST which oddly enough since the two part debut of the show on YouTube has had the most views haha also the trailer for my trip home for Alabama in a special MIX IT UP


Lying to Get an H1N1 Vaccine


I was absolutely disgusted when I heard this story the other day!!

Ok so I am at work on my lunch break the other day and we are talking about the H1N1 or swine flu whatever you wanna call it.  And one of the girls I work with told us this absolutely disgraceful story.

Since there is a shortage of the H1N1 vaccines they are letting people with certain health issues get them first like pregnant women, kids, etc…

Well this lady went to her doctor and lied to them.  She told them that she was pregnant so that she could go ahead and get her shot.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?!?!  Then on top of that she posted about it on her Facebook page!!  Is that disgusting or what??  My co-worker was her friend on Facebook and for sure defriended her after she posted that as her status.

I mean come on!!!!!! Seriously??????  You are one twisted human being lady!!

I have a friend who has a friend who’s son is in a coma right now b/c of swine flu.

So to you lady whoever you are.  I hope that you feel good knowing that there are people little kids dying from this flu and you are lying about health things just so that you can get yours and you are not even sick.