The Oasis Hotel – A Signature Win

I had to take just a moment to tell you about my new job which I absolutely LOVE!!!!

I am working at the new Oasis Hotel at Victoryland.  It is a brand new 300 room luxury hotel that is totally worth your time and money!!!!  I still drop my mouth open every time I walk in the place it is absolutely amazing!!

I am working as a front desk agent and concierge and loving every second of it.  Never would I have thought that I would have so much fun working in a hotel.  I’ve learned just in a couple of weeks how much I really enjoy serving people and being a part of the hospitality industry.  It is very rewarding.  It always feels so great when you make a customer happy and they leave satisfied.

There isn’t much else that I can think of to say at this time.  All of the people that I work with are just incredible and we all get along so w

ell.  It is seriously like one big happy family that I feel so blessed to be apart of.


I will leave with some photos of the hotel!!

Today and tomorrow is our Grand Opening celebration and it is going to be awesome!!

We are having The Temptations and Randy Owen from the country band Alab

ama!!  It’s gonna be amazing!!


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