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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I hope that everyone has an absolutely amazing Thanksgiving!!!!  Spend time with family and eat lots of Turkey!!


The Oasis Hotel – A Signature Win

I had to take just a moment to tell you about my new job which I absolutely LOVE!!!!

I am working at the new Oasis Hotel at Victoryland.  It is a brand new 300 room luxury hotel that is totally worth your time and money!!!!  I still drop my mouth open every time I walk in the place it is absolutely amazing!!

I am working as a front desk agent and concierge and loving every second of it.  Never would I have thought that I would have so much fun working in a hotel.  I’ve learned just in a couple of weeks how much I really enjoy serving people and being a part of the hospitality industry.  It is very rewarding.  It always feels so great when you make a customer happy and they leave satisfied.

There isn’t much else that I can think of to say at this time.  All of the people that I work with are just incredible and we all get along so w

ell.  It is seriously like one big happy family that I feel so blessed to be apart of.


I will leave with some photos of the hotel!!

Today and tomorrow is our Grand Opening celebration and it is going to be awesome!!

We are having The Temptations and Randy Owen from the country band Alab

ama!!  It’s gonna be amazing!!

Photo Of the Week

Once again I am a whole day behind on my posts for this week.  It has been a fun and exciting week!!

I am gonna blog all about it in the morning!!

For now here is this week’s “Photo Of the Week”

This is my sweet and precious baby – Belle

Song/Music Video Of the Week

So I realize that I am a couple of days late, but here is this week’s Song/Music Video Of the Week

It is Adam Lambert’s “Time for Miracles”

Random Video Of the Week

I thought I would continue with the Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence theme this week, b/c to me this is just another one of those videos that I laugh every time I watch it b/c it is so stinkin funny.

In this one, Mama is lettin Eunice have it.  There are two versions morphed into one and it is a riot!!


Photo Of the Week

This week’s Photo of the Week is a photo of a piece of my own art haha.  It is stick people that I drew of my managers at work!!!!  Haha



Song/Music Video Of the Week

Live Like We’re Dying – Kris Allen


Taylor Swift on SNL

I found this article this morning and I am so pumped about watching this. I love her and she is gonna be great!!!!

Check this out!!

Taylor Swift Spoofs Kanye West Incident

In’SNL’ Promo

‘Kanye West just called — he thinks Beyoncé should host instead,’ Bill Hader says in the ad.

In case anyone was wondering if Taylor Swift is going to go there when she hosts “Saturday Night Live” this week, the answer is yes. The superstar isn’t afraid to poke some fun at Kanye West’s now-infamous VMA stage-crash.

In a promo shot Tuesday, the singer and “SNL” castmember Bill Hader put their spin on the encounter.

281x211Standing in a 30 Rock corridor, the promo opens with Hader on his cell phone while Swift says, “Hey, I’m Taylor Swift, and I’ll be the host and musical guest this week on ‘SNL.’ ” As she completes her line, Hader gets off the phone and tells the star who he was talking to. “Whoops, Kanye West just called. He thinks Beyoncé should host instead,” he said. “Funny joke, right?”

Swift rolls her eyes and whispers to herself, “Wow.” Hader then awkwardly says, “Good times,” before walking off the set whispering to himself, “Hader.” The two share a laugh after they complete the sketch.

In an interview with MTV News before she went off to shoot the promo, she said nothing was off-limits this weekend. “I want to look nothing like myself,” she said. “I told all the writers, ‘Don’t count anything out.’ I want to go completely, 100 percent in. I don’t want to be halfway involved. Just because I have a lot of things to do as far as being musical guest and host doesn’t mean I don’t want to live up to my full hosting demands.”

Isn’t that great?? hahahahahahaha Can’t wait!!

Article Source

Lying to Get an H1N1 Vaccine


I was absolutely disgusted when I heard this story the other day!!

Ok so I am at work on my lunch break the other day and we are talking about the H1N1 or swine flu whatever you wanna call it.  And one of the girls I work with told us this absolutely disgraceful story.

Since there is a shortage of the H1N1 vaccines they are letting people with certain health issues get them first like pregnant women, kids, etc…

Well this lady went to her doctor and lied to them.  She told them that she was pregnant so that she could go ahead and get her shot.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?!?!  Then on top of that she posted about it on her Facebook page!!  Is that disgusting or what??  My co-worker was her friend on Facebook and for sure defriended her after she posted that as her status.

I mean come on!!!!!! Seriously??????  You are one twisted human being lady!!

I have a friend who has a friend who’s son is in a coma right now b/c of swine flu.

So to you lady whoever you are.  I hope that you feel good knowing that there are people little kids dying from this flu and you are lying about health things just so that you can get yours and you are not even sick.


Random Video Of the Week

I have gotta say that I am absolutely obsessed with classic comedy.  Shows like “I Love Lucy” “The Facts of Life” “All In the Family” “Three’s Company” “Carol Burnett” and “Mama’s Family” are all what I consider classics.  Oh and “Cheers”  They are so amazing.  It is sitcoms that have been one of my biggest inspirations and goals for m acting career, because they are so much fun and you just have the opportunity to make people laugh which is so great.

So this week I am taking a blooper from one of the classic “The Family” skits on “The Carol Burnett Show”  These skits eventually turned into the spin-off “Mama’s Family” starring Vicki Lawrence.

This scene is a classic blooper that I could probably watch a million times and still laugh every single time.  Tim Conway will not allow the scene to continue until he finishes his story.  The punch line is delivered by none other than Vickie Lawrence which finishes out the entire thing!!

Just watch and be amazed!!