New Autumn Layout

Today is the first day of Autumn or Fall whatever you like to call it.  So it was time for a new layout and color scheme.  I had a hard time choosing a layout for this because I wasn’t sure that any of the available ones looked like Autumn, so I went with the grey look and added the photo in the header.

Let me know if you like it for now.  I don’t really like it.  haha, but it will only be like this for two months, then I will change it once December gets here.  In the meantime I will keep searching and see if I can find one that I like better.  But I think this works for now.  I would have preferred not to have a grey background, but the photo makes it a lot better so…

This is one of those times where I wish that I knew how to make my own layout, so that it could be more like what I want, but until then, this will have to work. 🙂

Lemme know what you think


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