Summer Hiatus Is Over

So I ended up taking a hiatus for the rest of the summer in order to catch up on some things that were goin on in my life.  One word… DRAMA!!!!  I have had so much of it in my life over the last two months it is not even a funny thing.

As a result I was never able to do the second season of Take A Bow.  More info on what will happen with Take A Bow will be coming  soon.  Hopefully I will be able to begin Season Two and have it online during this fall.  We will see.  For now I am gonna take some time to get back in to the blogging world and come up with some ideas.  I don’t want to end up giving up on this blog like I did Just A Ride.  I created this new blog in order to begin a fresh start.  My fresh start ended up not being so great.  But I will be bloggin about all of that stuff over the next few days as I decide what to do with this blog.  I hope to maintain everything that I began back in June and then add some new stuff.

More information coming soon.  Be checking back for a new look and new stuff in the next few weeks.

Peace and Blessings!!


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