Song/Music Video Of the Week

katyperryblackandgoldOne of my favorite songs lately has been “Black and Gold” by Sam Sparro. He is a British artist. I have an obsession with the Brits for sure!! I wanted to post the video today because it is so amazing, but I can’t because all the embedding on all of them on YouTube are blocked. I don’t understand why they do that. Whatev. But I found a cover that Katy Perry did in London at one of her shows and it is AMAZING!! Normally she isn’t that great live, but she is sounding pretty awesome here. So I will post it for this week’s “Song/Music Video Of the Week” I also just realized that Mondays are Music Monday on Twitter. I had no idea about that when I decided to make Monday the “Song/Music Video Of the Week” Thought that was kinda cool and I would share. haha Anyways here is the video. Hope you enjoy!!!!

I decided I wanted to add one of Sam performing too so you can see how awesome the original is too!!

Katy Perry Official Site
Sam Sparro Official Site


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