Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day America!!!! Hope everyone has an awesome day as we celebrate our freedom in this amazing country that we live!!
Stay safe!!


For today I wanted to post a video and the lyrics to one of my favorite patriotic songs. It is called “For Freedom” by Avalon. So here is a video that I found on YouTube of them singing the National Anthem and “For Freedom” at a Sean Hannity Freedom Concert in 2007. It isn’t the entire group. I’m not sure why Melissa wasn’t there and I don’t know who the black man is because he isn’t in Avalon, but he is amazing!! He must have been feeling in at the time. But it is still is a really good video. They mess up the lyrics a lil bit on “For Freedom” but it is still good and it’s the only live video I could find. Here is the video and the lyrics. I hope you enjoy!! Happy 4th!!

For Freedom – Avalon

Somewhere a trumpet sounds in the night
A soldier is standing there
It’s calling him out to the stars and the stripes
It’s calling him God knows where

He kisses the ones he loves goodbye
and leaves in the dead of night
For freedom he’ll heed the call
Leave all he knows
And for freedom he’ll stand and fight

And somewhere a man and wife
can’t believe they’re waving their girl goodbye
For gone are the days of pigtails and curls and candlelight lullabies

If they had their way she’d stay young forever
and never be far from home
But freedom has drawn her heart to danger’s shore
And for freedom they’ll let her go

And somewhere a thunderous crash in the night
It echoes all through the hills
Though many escape it’s wrath and it’s rage
A soldier lies wounded still

Remembering the land he loves, he cries
I’ve loved you with all my might
For freedom said I’m her son whatever comes
And for freedom I’ll say goodbye

And somewhere beneath the stars and the sky
Our flag is still standing there
She bled and she brought one land under God
Her colors still lead us there

She’s carried the lives of those before us
She’s buried the bold and brave
For freedom she holds our hopes and and hands up high
And for freedom she’ll ever wave


One thought on “Happy 4th of July

  1. Thank you and God bless you for your awesome video and the words to the song. It is so inspiring to know that someone cares enough about others to publish this on the web for us to enjoy. I didn’t celebrate because I had to work. But the awesomeness of our military and all they sacrifice for us is beyond comprehension. Thank you again and a BIG THANK YOU to the military for keeping us safe at home. God Bless all of you.

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