New Oz LayoutI KNOW that I have only had “Gray In Oz” open for less than a month, but I decided that it was time for a new look for summer.

I live in Alabama and it is HOT here.  The highs everyday for the past few weeks have been close to 100 and it is sometimes almost unbearable.  Last week at my brother’s wedding (which was outside) we all got way too hot and almost got sick.  But luckily the ceremony wasn’t too long and we went inside where it was cool.

Anyways as a result of it being such a HOT summer, I decided that the look of the blog should have more of a summer look.  This is a WordPress layout, because I will never be able to make my own.  It is called “Sunburn”  What better choice?

Everything is pretty much the same with the exception of the menu.  This layout didn’t have a set menu on the top of the page like the previous one did.  So what I did was add a widget in the top right corner of the page.  here you can find all of the various pages that are part of the site.

I hope that everyone enjoys the new look.

Now I realize that unless you have watched my TAKE A BOW archive, or visited my Facebook, then some of you unless you know me have no idea what I look like.  There is a good reason for this.  haha  When I opened “Gray In Oz” it was right after I had had major surgery on my jaw.  I didn’t really want to post a pic of the “old” me because since this was a new thing, I wanted to be able to post the “new” me.  Now that it has been a little over three weeks since the surgery, and my swelling and stuff has gone down a lot, I have decided it is time to share a new photo that was taken earlier this week.  So here is it is.

The "New" Me

In the coming days I hope to finish my blog about the surgery and post some before AND after photos, so that you can see the adventure that I have been through with this operation.  It has definitely been an experience to remember, and it is still not over.

Enjoy the new look, and I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!


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