Random Video Of the Week

returntoozcastcolor4This week, we are gonna have two videos in one post because the sequence is too long and takes up two videos.  If you couldn’t tell by now, I have a very large obsession with all things “OZ”  So I have decided that for this week’s Random Video Of the Week, we would use something from OZ.  Here are scenes from Disney’s “Return to Oz” when Dorothy saves the Emerald City and all of Oz from the Nome King.  It follows from when the Nome King attempts to kill them through Dorothy’s return back to Kansas.  I attempted to find just the coronation scene when Dorothy returns to the Emerald City, but I couldn’t find it.  So here we have all of it in one.  That is better though anyways isn’t it.  How many of you have ever seen Disney’s “Return to Oz”?  If so what are your thoughts?  I would love to hear from feedback.



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