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Random Video Of the Week

One of the trailers for the new Harry Potter film.  I am going to see it tomorrow!!  So excited!!



Photo Of the Week

I saw this house on the beach yesterday while driving to dinner and I HAD to stop and take a photo!!


hakuna house

Song/Music Video Of the Week

This week’s Song/Music Video is from Northland Church in Orlando.  I have some friends interning there this summer and they get opportunities to co-lead worship with the worship team there!!  Jeremi Richardson from Avalon is worship leader there when he is not on the road.  This is a recent video from when he was there.  My friends Danielle and Katie are on either side of him singing.  Katie is to his right in black, and Danielle is to his left in blue.  It is soooo cool to see them singing with him, but I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!


Videos From Michael Jackson’s Memorial

Here are three vids of AMAZING QUALITY that I found on YouTube from the memorial.  They actually are three of my favs.  Also there is the footage from the rehearsal of the “This Is It” tour that was aired on the news.


Serious Sunburn!!


Some of my friends were in town this weekend to celebrate mine and my friend Katie’s birthday.

Hers in on Monday, and mine is next Monday July 20. Well they stayed at my house and we had an awesome time.

We decided to go to the beach today and it was a blast with many last experiences that can only happen when we are all together. I love it!!!! Well here is the end result of one of those experiences!!

Pretty crazy!!

This is a video of me talking about my sunburn along with pics following.

Check out!!

burn2The gross burnt face haha
burn3Chest still white and red face?? What?!?!
feet burnOne red foot, one white foot?  What the heck?!?!

Gray In Oz – The Information

GrayInOzTestLogoOk so I am really starting to love video blogging!! It is seriously slowly becoming an obsession. I know that I don’t really “blog” a lot, but I can’t find much to blog about most of the time. Although when something significant happens, I usually will blog about it and post a photo or two.


I taped this today talking about all of the places you can find me on the web. Also all websites and links related to “Gray In Oz” It is going to be a segment on the debut episode of TAKE A BOW which will be posted next week here at “Gray In Oz”

I am super excited!!


Caleb :):)

Random Video Of the Week

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by!!

This week’s “Random Video Of the Week” comes via Tyler Hamway.  This video is called “Stalker” and it is pretty amazing so check out!!

Today In Oz – July 8, 2009

Hey everybody, thanks for stopping by!!

This is the debut episode of my series “Today In Oz” It is a recreation of the old show “Caleb’s Topics” which was a VERY short-lived series on my old blog “Just A Ride”

Check it out and leave me some feedback!!

See ya later!!

31.1 Million People Watch Michael Jackson’s Memorial

So I’m sure like as most of the world did yesterday, a lot of you watched the Michael Jackson Memorial on TV. I couldn’t help but remember when Princess Diana died and I watched her funeral on TV. This reminded me so much of that day. Here is an article I found about how it was recieved. It was an absolutely INCREDIBLE tribute to MJ and I think that it was put together and executed brilliantly. Did you watch??

Here is the article from Reuters

Jackson memorial draws 31.1 million U.S. TV viewers

MJ MemorialLOS ANGELES (Reuters) – More than 31 million Americans watched the public memorial for Michael Jackson live on television — well below the TV audience for former U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s burial and the funeral of Britain’s Princess Diana.

Nielsen Media Research said on Wednesday that Jackson’s two-hour memorial in Los Angeles was carried live on Tuesday by 18 U.S. television networks and cable channels, drawing an audience of 31.1 million.

Although the figure did not include millions more who are thought to have watched on the Internet or in replays, the audience paled in comparison to the 37.8 million who watched a full day of President Barack Obama’s inauguration in January, and the 49.5 million Americans who tuned in for Obama’s first White House news conference in February.

Internet company Akamai, which handles 20 percent of the world’s Web traffic, reported on Tuesday that it ran some 2.8 million audio and video streams during the Jackson memorial webcast, making it the most widely viewed on the Internet since Obama’s inauguration.

Singers Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson and Usher were among artists who performed for some 18,000 fans, family and friends of the singer in the emotional two-hour tribute at the Staples Center arena.

Giving comparisons for other recent major televised funerals, Nielsen said the Jackson memorial audience ranked third on U.S. TV after Reagan’s burial (35 million) in 2004 and the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997 (33.2 million).

It was also just ahead of the 30.6 million in 2005 who tuned in to learn that Jackson had been acquitted on child molestation and other charges after a four-month trial.

Live television audience figures in the United States have slipped in recent years as Americans watch more recorded TV and live streaming on the Internet, mobile phones and other platforms.

(Reporting by Jill Serjeant; Editing by Eric Walsh)

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Photo Of the Week

Hello everyone and thank you for checking out this week’s “Photo Of the Week”

This past weekend was Independence Day in the US and I got to go with some of my family to watch an AMAZING fireworks show. It was great!! We drove out into the field where everyone parks. Set up chairs, and I spread out a blanket on top of the car so I could lay down and watch. We are so close when we watch them, you literally can lay down and still see them. It’s so cool!!

Anyways, here is a great shot (I think) that I got of one of the really pretty shimmery ones.