Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Thriller 25As many of you most likely are, I am in a state of total shock over the passing of Michael Jackson earlier today. I decided to not post my move my “…Of the Week” scheduled for today to tomorrow in order to pay a small tribute and respect to Michael and the Jackson family.

I pray that they seek the Lord during this time and will be comforted by the peace that only He can provide. I send nothing but love to them.

I must say though that I wish the media would give his family some peace and privacy during this horrific time. Entertainment Tonight has me outraged because they posted a photo of Michael on the stretcher, and they have pictures of La Toya Jackson (Michael’s sister) arriving at the hospital in freakout mode. Have a heart and show some consideration for these people PLEASE!!!!

In honor of Michael here are two videos that are definitely in my Top 10!! The first is two different versions of my fav Michael song “Man In the Mirror” and the second is “You Can’t Win” from when he played my favorite “OZ” character The Scarecrow in “The Wiz” The video is poor quality, but it is the only one I could find. If anyone finds a better one send me an email please.

We love you Michael and you will be missed!!!! RIP


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