Song/Music Video Of the Week

Today is the “Gray In Oz” debut of my blog series “…Of the Week”  Monday is Song/Music Video

To be in the know of when blogs from the series are posted check out the “…Of the Week” page for more info.

For the first Song/Music Video I have made a pretty interesting choice.  ABBA is one of my favorite bands of all time.  They were one of the most creative groups to come out of the 70’s & 80’s.  I have always enjoyed the material that wasn’t as popular from their songbook for some reason.  I feel there are some great ABBA songs that were never given the recognition they deserved.  I also love finding songs that were unreleased by ABBA that have maybe been recorded by other artists.

For this week’s “Song/Music Video Of the Week” I have chosen one of these songs.

The song is called “Funky Feet” and the artist is Swedish Pop Group Alcazar.

“Funky Feet” was written during the recording of ABBA “Arrival” album but was never used because they felt it was too similar to “Dancing Queen”  The song does have the overall theme.

It is a great song.  Here is a live performance of Alcazar singing “Funky Feet”


Alcazar Official Site
ABBA Official Site


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