TAKE A BOW – Season Two

TAKE A BOW is coming back for a second season in July!!

TAKE A BOW LogoTAKE A BOW is an endeavor that I embarked on back in May of 2008. I have always wished that I could have my own variety/talk show. I thought about it and I was like, I CAN have one. I can film it myself and post it online and hopefully people will watch. So I debuted my first episode on Monday May 26, 2008 on my old blog “Just A Ride” In all I taped 8 full episodes. They consisted of 6 full episodes, a Fourth of July special and 2 blooper shows. The Season Finale was a compilation of ALL the bloopers from Season One. It is quite funny if I say so myself haha. Then school started again and I had to go on break. I made several attempts throughout the break to do some special episodes for Halloween, Christmas and a New Year’s trip that I took to Nashville, but they ended up ultimately never working out because of time constraints.

But now it summer again. And it is time for a second season. I was going to start it in May and then take a break during my surgery and then come back, but prep for the surgery throughout the month of May prevented that from happening. So now throughout my jaw surgery recovery I am getting material together to begin Season Two in July. I am really excited and hopefully will have lots to talk about and some fun guests throughout the season. Right now I am scheduled to only upload one episode a week, but I hopefully will be able to squeeze in two, because I am changing the format somewhat.

Season One episodes were always about 15 minutes long. This brought me problems because I wasn’t able to upload them to YouTube. The only site that would upload videos that long was DailyMotion. So for season two I am going to try to keep the episodes within a ten minute window so that I can upload them to YouTube so that they can be seen my more people. Season One averaged about 200 viewers I think based on the view counts on the videos. So that isn’t too bad. But I hope to get more this season.

But anyways, that’s it for now. If you have any questions about the show or know of anything you would like to see from me on the show, please email me at takeabowshow@gmail.com and let me know. Also you can catch up on Season One here

I will leave you with the promo for Season Two featuring some of my fav clips from Season One.



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