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I am in the process of writing a blog about my jaw surgery, and it has been in the works for like two weeks, but I can’t make myself finish it.

I believe a lot of it has to do with the fact that I am so frustrated about the whole thing anyways, I am just ready for it to be over and forgotten.

I am at my three week mark today, and I am still not able to eat anything but crap and even when I do that it is frustrating and I lose my appetite in like two seconds because I can’t chew very well yet.  Sometimes I don’t even know if I am chewing or not because my mouth is so numb still.

The numbness is frustration enough in itself.  When I smile it feels like I have tons of crap stuck all over my face and it is weird.  REALLY weird.

But I guess it could be worse.  At least it is getting better.  But it is getting to the part where the rest of the lingering recovery is going to take a REALLY LONG TIME.  I am sad about that, because I am ready to be normal again.

I need this opportunity to vent.  If you read this I appreciate your support.



American Idol’s Michael Jackson Tribute Airs Tonight!!

top 13Don’t forget to tune-in to FOX tonight at 8 EST and 7 CST to catch the re-broadcast of American Idol’s Top13 Performance show where they featured the music of Michael Jackson.
To get you ready I thought that I would post a vid I found on YouTube of Adam and Kris’s interviews from he 20/20 Michael Jackson Special.

Check it out!!

Song/Music Video Of the Week

This week’s Song/Music Video Of the Week is “Life Is A Show” by Cassie Steele. The song is from the upcoming Degrassi Goes Hollywood film which airs on The-N in August. I am sooo excited!! It is going to be amasing!! Be sure to check it out.


Random Video Of the Week

Due to the tagic death of Michael Jackson, we postponed the first “Random Video Of the Week” to today. For the video I want to continue my tribute to MJ by posting a TV commercial that aired on ITV in London for the “This Is It” concert series that he was preparing to perform at O2.

Starting tomorrow I will begin a tribute series by posting a Michael Jackson music video every day over the next few weeks.

RIP “King Of Pop”

American Idol’s Michael Jackson Tribute

American Idol is going to rebroadcast Michael Jackson week from this past season.  What an awesome way to show tribute to him.

‘American Idol’ to Rebroadcast Michael Jackson Week In Tribute

For the first time in history, American Idol will rebroadcast a performance night episode, according to The announcement was made on the So You Think You Can Dance show in light of the shocking news that music legend and icon Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest on Thursday in Los Angeles.

Michael Jackson week this year on American Idol featured the top 13 singing songs from Jackson’s early career with the Jackson 5 till the 90’s. It was one of the best performance nights in the history of the show.

Kris Allen that night performed “Remember the Time,” while Adam Lambert performed “Black or White.”

Reports say that the show will air 8 p.m. Monday on Fox.

Article Source
Buddy TV Article

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Thriller 25As many of you most likely are, I am in a state of total shock over the passing of Michael Jackson earlier today. I decided to not post my move my “…Of the Week” scheduled for today to tomorrow in order to pay a small tribute and respect to Michael and the Jackson family.

I pray that they seek the Lord during this time and will be comforted by the peace that only He can provide. I send nothing but love to them.

I must say though that I wish the media would give his family some peace and privacy during this horrific time. Entertainment Tonight has me outraged because they posted a photo of Michael on the stretcher, and they have pictures of La Toya Jackson (Michael’s sister) arriving at the hospital in freakout mode. Have a heart and show some consideration for these people PLEASE!!!!

In honor of Michael here are two videos that are definitely in my Top 10!! The first is two different versions of my fav Michael song “Man In the Mirror” and the second is “You Can’t Win” from when he played my favorite “OZ” character The Scarecrow in “The Wiz” The video is poor quality, but it is the only one I could find. If anyone finds a better one send me an email please.

We love you Michael and you will be missed!!!! RIP

Photo Of the Week

For my first “Photo Of the Week” I have chosen a photo that I took while at French Camp Academy in Mississippi a few months ago. They have some really beautiful spots out there so I decided I would share some of it with you!!



TRANSFORMERS – Revenge of the Fallen Premieres in Hollywood

I am so super excited about this movie. The first was absolutely incredible and the sequel is going to be amazing!! I can’t wait. The movie premiered in Hollywood yesterday. Here is an article from MTV talking about it. Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen hits theatres nationwide tomorrow!! I WILL be going this weekend :):)

Check out the MTV article


‘Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen’ Makes Explosive Hollywood Premiere

Michael Bay, Megan Fox, Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese and other stars draw celebrity fans to their big, loud sequel.

By: Larry Carroll

WESTWOOD, California — Some played with the action figures when they were children; others remember the cartoon show. Some were there to see Megan Fox on the big-screen; others were there for Shia LaBeouf. The one thing everyone on the red carpet for Monday’s “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” premiere seemed to share, however, was a love of all things big, noisy and — in the immortal words of Michael Bay — awesome.

“We made history in this movie with a scene that involved the biggest explosion scene with actors in it,” marveled series star Tyrese, who joked that the hairs on the back of his neck still haven’t grown back. “It was this huge explosion.”

Isabel Lucas, who plays the mysterious, sexy Alice in the sequel, agreed. “We have one of the biggest explosions ever in a film,” she said. “And we filmed on the Egyptian pyramids, which hasn’t happened in 20 years.”

It’s no secret that director Bay is a larger-than-life personality who likes his films just as big. Naturally, then, Monday’s “Transformers” premiere at the Mann Village was the hottest ticket in town. Among the evening’s attendees were Fox, LaBeouf, Bay, Josh Duhamel, Kendra Wilkinson, Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush.

“I didn’t play with the Transformers toys, but I am a fan,” explained former Danity Kane member Aubrey O’Day, who arrived wearing an Optimus Prime-inspired ensemble. “I came because I want to be a part of the biggest blockbuster film of the summer.”

“I am a Transformer fan,” singer Ciara said. “And I did see the last one, which was amazing. So, I’m excited.”

Another famous fan, “Gossip Girl” star Taylor Momsen, speculated about what she’d transform into if she were to ever become an Autobot or Decepticon. “I would probably be an airplane, because it’d be cool to fly.”

“I would be a dog,” All-American Rejects member Nick Wheeler said of his dream robotic form. “Being on the road, I never got to have a dog, so I’d like to be one. A dog that dispenses coffee and beer.”

“I’d want to be a credit card that doesn’t ever have a limit,” grinned Matthew Marsden, a newcomer to the “Transformers” series. Asked what the best parts of the sequel were, Marsden wasted no time in yielding to his robot co-stars. “I think Optimus Prime is a badass in this — and Ravage is cool too.”

Article Source
Transformers 2 Official Site

Here is the latest trailer

Tim Burton’s “Alice In Wonderland” – New Photos

I have been keeping up with the production of this film since it was first announced and I am so very excited.  Here are some recent articles that talk about some new photos that have been released that give us a taste of what it’s going to be like and I am personally thrilled and can’t wait for the release of this film which is said to be in March of next year.  It’s going to be amazing!!  Now if they can just do this with L. Frank’s Baum’s “OZ” I will be a happy camper!!

What do you think??

Check out these articles…

Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’: First-look photos are pretty darn stunning

by Kerrie Mitchell, Entertainment Weekley

6a00d8341bf6c153ef0115704b973d970c-piThe first photos from director Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland are online, and man, are they stunning. In addition to portraits of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, and Helena Bonham-Carter as the Red Queen (pictured), USA Today has some panoramic concept art from the film which will combine live-action and stop-motion and CG animation, and eventually be transferred to 3-D. (It’s set to premiere March 5 next year.) What do you think — is it living up to your expectations? Or does it remind you a bit too much of Burton’s candy-colored wonderland from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?


First look: What a weird ‘Wonderland’ Burton’s made

By Susan Wloszczyna, USA TODAY

alice-topperYou might have gone down the rabbit hole before. But never with a guide quite as attuned to the fantastic as Tim Burton.

MORE PHOTOS: See more exclusive art from ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Those who have grown curiouser and curiouser about what the offbeat reinventor of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory might conjure up in his version of Alice in Wonderland can feast their eyes on this array of concept art and publicity images, due to hang in movie theaters this week to promote the March 5, 2010, release.

“It has been Burton-ized” is how producer Richard Zanuck describes the director’s vision of the Lewis Carroll classic. Many elements are familiar, from the enigmatic Caterpillar (Alan Rickman) to the fierce Jabberwock (Christopher Lee). But none has been presented in this sort of visually surreal fashion.

“We finished shooting in December after only 40 days,” Zanuck says. Now the live action is being merged with CG animation and motion-capture creatures, and then transferred into 3-D.

The traditional tale has been freshened with a blast of girl power, courtesy of writer Linda Woolverton (Beauty and the Beast). Alice, 17, attends a party at a Victorian estate only to find she is about to be proposed to in front of hundreds of snooty society types. Off she runs, following a white rabbit into a hole and ending up in Wonderland, a place she visited 10 years before yet doesn’t remember.

Among those who welcome her back is the Mad Hatter, a part tailor-made for Johnny Depp as he collaborates with Burton for the seventh time. “This character is off his rocker,” Zanuck says.

Aussie actress Mia Wasikowska, 19, best known for HBO’s In Treatment, has the coveted title role. “There is something real, honest and sincere about her,” Zanuck says. “She’s not a typical Hollywood starlet.”

There is the usual Burton-esque ghoulishness (Helena Bonham Carter’s Red Queen, whose favorite retort is “Off with their heads,” has a moat filled with bobbing noggins), but Zanuck assures most kids can handle it. “The book itself is pretty dark,” he notes. “This is for little people and people who read it when they were little 50 years ago.”


Here are all of the images that were recently released. They look pretty amazing to me!!

Mad Hatter
Red Queen
White Queen
The Tweedles
Alice and the White Rabbit
Alice and the Chatty Flowers
Alice and the Tweedles

Images Source

Song/Music Video Of the Week

Today is the “Gray In Oz” debut of my blog series “…Of the Week”  Monday is Song/Music Video

To be in the know of when blogs from the series are posted check out the “…Of the Week” page for more info.

For the first Song/Music Video I have made a pretty interesting choice.  ABBA is one of my favorite bands of all time.  They were one of the most creative groups to come out of the 70’s & 80’s.  I have always enjoyed the material that wasn’t as popular from their songbook for some reason.  I feel there are some great ABBA songs that were never given the recognition they deserved.  I also love finding songs that were unreleased by ABBA that have maybe been recorded by other artists.

For this week’s “Song/Music Video Of the Week” I have chosen one of these songs.

The song is called “Funky Feet” and the artist is Swedish Pop Group Alcazar.

“Funky Feet” was written during the recording of ABBA “Arrival” album but was never used because they felt it was too similar to “Dancing Queen”  The song does have the overall theme.

It is a great song.  Here is a live performance of Alcazar singing “Funky Feet”


Alcazar Official Site
ABBA Official Site